Hello P&R Ranch customers!!!

Who is ready for mandarins? We're getting close!

Our 2019 season start is a little later than normal this year.

Mother Nature is feeling warm these days and the mandarins need COLD to ripen, however, we are seeing pops of orange all over the orchard, and we hope to begin 2019 harvest around the 18th of November!

Welcome to our mandarin orchard! P&R Ranch sells Satsuma mandarins. We have over 120 trees, most of which are over 60 years old! We are located along the Mandarin Trail in Penryn, CA.

Our micro-climate is famous for having the best tasting Satsuma mandarins in California. We hand-pick all of our mandarins only when fully ripe and ready to eat. Not only are they sweet, seedless and juicy, they are very easy to peel!

We are also proud members of the Mountain Mandarin Association.


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