P&R Ranch came to life in 2013 when our family of four was looking to make a life change. We were looking for a small rural community within Placer County with great schools to raise our kids. That's when we discovered the amazing little town of Penryn.

We stumbled upon this already existing mandarin orchard and instantly fell in love with everything about it. It was a completely new adventure, one that has been filled with ups and downs and lots of learning lessons along the way.

The name P&R Ranch was actually conceived by our youngest child one night when we were enjoying our new life and farm, and he declared, "Boy this place sure is Peaceful and Relaxing!!!" Since that time everyone who visits the ranch makes the same declaration.

We are a small family run farm located in the Sierra Foothills where we are located on the Mandarin Trail. Our mandarins are not certified organic, however we do not use chemical sprays in our orchard. We use natural pest control when necessary and good old fashioned chicken fertilizer on our trees.